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Mushroom Kingdom Adventure!
Big Changes Announced:

Brennen Rollenius Vinfreild

Attention everyone interested in "Birdo RPG: Adventure 64" aka "Super Kyasarin"

As Chief Project Development Coach of Vinfreild Virtual Technologies, I have decided to take the game in a different direction. For starters, I wanted the game to have a more universal name, something that didn't just focus on one character, but could focus on anyone involved in the story. I also wanted this game to be possibly part of a series, where we could quickly add a sub-title to the main title if we were to make sequels to the game! Just because the protagonist this game starts with is Birdo, and later adds more main characters, does not mean the whole series should be named after or focused on that character.

With all that being said, I introduce the new main title to this series of Vinfreild tribute games to Nintendo's games:
Mushroom Kingdom Adventure!

The latest cover art for the game is located at www.vinfreild.com/games 

I encourage you to take a look.
(Website design, game description, and cover art is still subject to change)

New game graphics will be showcased soon at the next Vinfreild Run-Down Event. Date to be announced.

~ Brand New Official Cover Art! ~