About Mushroom Kingdom Adventure:

Mushroom Kingdom Adventure is a Nintendo Tribute Game currently under development by Vinfreild Productions.
The game was originally named "Super Kyasarin" and was changed to "Birdo RPG: Adventure 64!" in October 2012, and then was finally named "Mushroom Kingdom Adventure" in February 2013.

Mushroom Kingdom Adventure is a game made by the Vinfreild Virtual Group. It was originally intended to be a series of Super Mario Bros™ 2 levels made on Media Molecule®'s Little Big Planet® for the Sony® PlayStation® 3. It was an idea made up by Baelin&Lonuma, and they were the original developer and creator. However, looking to expand and move on to PC and MAC software and game development, Baelin&Lonuma joined up with Vinfreild Virtual Technologies who provided the necessary development tools needed to make that change. Moving away from Little Big Planet® development, Baelin&Lonuma decided to go in a different direction with the project, give it a name, and a different graphics and play style. 

The game would now be modeled after Nintendo®'s Paper Mario 64 and Mario RPG games. It would focus on Birdo as the main character, where she would compete against the ultimate enemy who was capable of stealing anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom's identities and powers. The game was finally given a name, "Super Kyasarin" it would be called by Baelin&Lonuma... Kyasarin being the Japanese pronunciation of Birdo's name Catherine. Baelin&Lonuma gave the game multiple artwork concepts for a cover/case, but never was able to decide on what they wanted. 

Game development went very slow, and when Baelin&Lonuma was acquired by Vinfreild Virtual Technologies in October 2012, the game was taken in a different direction again. This is when 3D aspects started to be added to the game, and new, more professional programming techniques that would make the game perform better. After review by the Vinfreild Virtual Group and Luamiana Vinfreild, the game's name was changed to " Birdo RPG: Adventure 64!". Since the game's lead protagonist was Birdo, and the game was made after Paper Mario 64 and Mario RPG for the SNES, but with Paper Mario 64 style graphics. The title fit it perfectly. 

After quite a few months of game development and programming, another change was to be made. In February 2013,  looking to make the game have it's own more unique play and graphics style, Chief Project Development Coach Brennen Rollenius Vinfreild again decided to take the game in another direction. The game would now actually be in 3D, instead of just 2D with a rendered 3D landscape image. The game would also receive a new name and slightly different story and concept... Read the statement below made by the Chief Project Development Coach:

Big Changes Announced by developer on February 2nd, 2013:

Brennen Rollenius Vinfreild

Attention all members interested in "Birdo RPG: Adventure 64" aka "Super Kyasarin"

As Chief Project Development Coach of Vinfreild Virtual Technologies, I have decided to take the game in a different direction. For starters, I wanted the game to have a more universal name, something that didn't just focus on one character, but could focus on anyone involved in the story. I also wanted this game to be possibly part of a series, where we could quickly add a sub-title to the main title if we were to make sequels to the game! Just because the protagonist this game starts with is Birdo, and later adds more main characters, does not mean the whole series should be named after or focused on that character.

With all that being said, I introduce the new main title to this series of Vinfreild tribute games to Nintendo's games:
Mushroom Kingdom Adventure!

The latest cover art for the game is located at www.vinfreild.com/games 

I encourage you to take a look.
(Website design, game description, and cover art is still subject to change)

New game graphics will be showcased soon at the next Vinfreild Run-Down Event. Date to be announced.

His idea was mainly to give the game a more universal title, and not put the majority of the focus on one protagonist, but all of them!
On February 25th, 2013, Brennen Rollenius Vinfreild's ideas were approved by Luamiana Vinfreild. All game titles and websites were updated for the changes, and the game received new cover art once again!

The Storyline:
This information will be announced at the next Vinfreild Rundown Event, Spring 2013!

Meet the Characters:
This information will be announced at the next Vinfreild Rundown Event, Spring 2013!