This is a timeline of our progress on Mushroom Kingdom Adventure! 
(Previously known as Super Kyasarin, and Birdo RPG.)

January 2012 -
    Started work on Super Kyasarin.
    Developed cover art (now obsolete)
    Started developing sprites, backgrounds, and objects
    Started developing battle system

February 2012 -
    Super Kyasarin screen shots now displayed on website.
    Battle system initiated
    Made video where Birdo meets Kammy Koopa
    Made battle with green toad
    Re-worked menus
    Made battle with blue toad
    Started developing boss battle: Grodus
    Started developing boss battle: Crystal King
    Reworked Birdo and Kammy Koopa Sprites
    Kammy Koopa received new sprites
    Started making HD custom Kammy Koopa sprites
    Story Development
    The playable blue and white magikoopas are done, each with unique abilities.
    Over scripting has been fixed (no more glitch cheating to get extra moves, which was a glitch discovered Wednesday by a tester.)
    To ensure safe, fare gameplay, move options are disabled during a current move.
    Crystal King is about 90% complete overall.
    Grodus is around 75% complete overall.
    Fixed cross object emmition on health bar.
    Game is now faster
    Fixed lags
    Reworked Kammy Koopa animations
    Added help bubbles and tooltips

March 2012 -
    First Crystal King video published
    Started development on Birdo's House
    3D move created
    3D move sprites created
    Fixed birdo jump glitches
    Fixed door glitches
    Fixed Crystal King Glitches
    Birdo's House video published
    Reworked Main Menu
    Started Prologue video development
    Added speech sfx
    Added CINE system
    Peach's castle video is done and published (v1.0)
    Kammy Koopa video is done
    Revised video where Birdo meets Kammy Koopa
    Started developing pause menu
    Added button sfx
    Added Stats Pause Menu
    Added Controls Pause Menu
    Developed new save system
    Developed new load system
    New Peach's Castle first movie background
    Player can now save to 3 different game slots
    Added Load Button to Pause MEnu
    Reworked Main Menu
    Reworked Base Game controls
    Added full screen button to main menu
    Added full screen button to pause menu
    Added Item System
    Configured functionality for item slots
    First minutes of gameplay (v2.0) video is published
    Fixed grodus glitches
    Patched player battle moves
    Fixed jumping glitches
    Added new moves
    Made, Remade and reworked Kammy Koopa sprites
    Began work on Aurolleia Collectur
    Began work on Bowser

April 2012 -
    Fixed Crystal King glitches
    Remade Crystal King background (higher definition)
    Fixed Crystal King glitches
    Kammy Koopa can now remount her broom in battle
    Reworked Kammy Koopa Sprites
    Filmed and published Crystal King preview (v2.0)
    Crystal King testing
    Reworked main menu
    Fixed door glitches
    Test Play

May 2012 -
     Added support for VM3D module. (Vinfreild "Magic" Third Dimension Module)
     Incorporated VM3D into current already made Super Kyasarin world areas and buildings.
     3D move changed to VM3D Move system.
     Crystal King AI update
     Pause Menu Updates and Fixes
     New Artwork for Birdo! (Complete re-texture and makeover! Birdo is now pretty!)
     Kammy Koopa receives true walking animation.
     Kammy Koopa graphic and animation changes.
     Added Bowser for testing purpose.
     Started development on playable Princess Peach character.
     Created advanced item use and detection system, incorporated into pause menu.
     Created first instance of main enemy.
     Shannar Koopa created.

June 2012 -
     Princess Peach playable character roaming mode finished.
     Kammy Koopa graphic fixes.
     Crystal King animation make-over.
     Crystal King 100% Finished
     Incorporated VM3D in all areas and fixed Birdo's house.
     New layer system for whole game! (All new re-made graphics)
     Video sequence fixes
     Character change system added.
     Incorporated item menu into battle mode.
     Created new battle system for easier enemy creation and sequence flow.
     Collision system updates.
     Entire program engine inventory resorted.
     New idea and system for partners, and main characters. (you now unlock main chargers and partners)
     Started building interiors.
     NPCS system developed.
     NPC AI path system developed.
     NPC speech system developed.
     Added 4 NPCs.

July 2012 -
     Work on extending story mode.
     New video - Prologue Part 1
     Instructional system developed.
     Birdo graphic updates.
     Collision system updates.
     Testing and building re-working
     New cinematics
     New Birdo Animations!
     Super Kyasarin integrated into Baelin&Lonuma Workspace Program!
     Player Partner engine created.

August 2012 -
    Super Kyasarin integrated further into Workspace.
    Super Kyasarin external load operation started.
    Super Kyasarin memory consumption reduction operation started.
    Super Kyasarin 3D Render world under construction.
    Player Partner Engine improvements.
    New World Enemy system.
    New Multi-enemy battle system.
    Attacks revamped, players and enemies now have attack, defense, power-ups, upgrades, etc. all affecting battle.
    New Kammy Koopa Broom flying system.
    Bowser added as playable character.
    New Player Collision system.
    Complex AI started for recognizing the main character has switched, and where to place them in a new area, as well as partners. 
    AI added to determine where to push the switched player in outside of the camera view to put them back into playable mode.
    Local Height engine added to remember what the absolute height of each area is, or where the player currently is, to determine where to place new characters after switching.
    AI added for moving into new areas.
    Graphic re-vamps. (Areas redone in 3D)
    Music switched to externally load system.
    Absolute music loop system developed.
    Pausing game stops all Mnemosyne outside of pause menu.

September 2012 -
    All player's collisions greatly improved.
    New Gravity System
    New textbox system - text now scrolls, is skippable, and player's taking animations will sync up to the scrolling text, able to stop when the text stops.
    Major graphic improvements on prologue areas, and Peach's Castle.
    SPEECH NODE added to show when a specific player is speaking.
    Cinematics remade, using new movie system,, with updated textboxes.
    Animation improvements.
    Super Kyasarin game resolution greatly increased.
    All menus and backdrops remade to fit new game resolution.
    All new music system for in game.
    Absolute loop tracks and system perfected.
    Loading game improvements, and save game improvements.
    All new music system for the music gallery on the main menu.
    Kammy Koopa 3D model being remade from start.
    Kammy Koopa 3D model finished.
    3D Toadsworth model's armature remade.
    Models animated for future game covers.
    Large images, such as the pause menu contents, now externally loaded.

October 2012 -
    3D models improved.
    Spiral Staircase testing in game. (Can CPU control player if hitting a collision box to guide them up a set of spiral stairs?)
    Spiral Staircases testing solved.
    Planning for new official name for 'Super Kyasarin' begins.
    3D models posed for cover art.
    Cover art developed.
    Birdo 3D jumping system made.
    Birdo 3D jumping system perfected.
    Building doors animated.
    Doors can now be linked to other doors to go in buildings.
    Interiors under development in Super Kyasarin 3D world for render.
    Super Kyasarin Story Progression in work.
    Super Kyasarin is now "Birdo RPG: Adventure 64!"